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Call for Proposal

CYBERDEFCON 2023 - "Beginnings"

CYBER DEFENSE CONFERENCE will be born on January 21, 2023. Our mission with the CYBERDEFCON - "Beginnings" is to assist in bringing together young enthusiasts, pioneers, and industry leaders in defensive cyber security.

Our mission is to provide a forum for security professionals to learn about the most recent information security risks, research, and trends. We hope to bring together the Bangladeshi and global cyber security communities to share their latest research and knowledge in a welcoming, vendor-neutral environment. Attendees will be able to learn about everything from vulnerabilities in popular consumer devices to critical international infrastructure threats and everything in between.

We also CYBERDEFCON can be an event to help encourage students and young professionals to become interested in cyber security as a profession.

→ We are waiting for your submission!

About submission

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    #CYBERDEFCON is seeking submissions on any topic related to Cybersecurity.

    1. Risk management for organizations and financial institutes. 

    2. Best practices for Security hardening or Defensive sec. 

    3. Security Analytics and Incident response 

    4. Forensic Analysis 

    5. Case Studies 

    6. Survey report 

    7. Showdown of any interesting project. 

    8. Anything interesting to Cyber Security.

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    We accept submissions for talks in either in English or Bangla
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    Basic presentation length is about 20 - 45 minutes.
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    CYBERDEFCON does not accept product or vendor related sales pitch type talks.
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    All presentations must be submitted by the original authors.

After your proposals passed

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    Your presentation should be both in English and Bengali.
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    After your proposal has been accepted, we will ask you to send us an abstract, speaker bio, and speaker photo for the talks program and website.
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    Final Slide Submission by December 30th, 2022.
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    For those who live overseas and cannot come to the venue, we recommend pre-recording the lecture video to avoid the network problems and time differences issues. If possible, please send the video of your presentation by December 10, 2022.
How to submit
[ CFP Closing ]
December 30th, 2022

CFP Guideline

The CYBERDEFCON Review Board is comprised of security professionals and thought leaders from across the cyber security industry and community. All submissions are reviewed by the review board in order to determine the content of the CYBERDEFCON talks and training sessions. Each submission is evaluated based on its uniqueness, social importance, novelty, and expertise. The CYBERDEFCON talks have different tracks for different types of topics in order to cover all aspects of information and cyber security. The review board will review all submissions for all tracks, but for each track, the review board will be assisted by expert advisors.

The basics

1. Include all relevant and required information
2. Double check your contact information.
3. Make your abstract clear and concise.
4. Clearly communicate what it is you are presenting.

Sample Submission

Title and Abstract


(Your title should clearly communicate what you are presenting)
Sample: Using Open Source Intelligence in Threat Hunting.


Your abstract should cover enough details about your presentation.

- What problem are you pointing out?
- Do you offer any solutions ?
- Explain any expert knowledge requiring concepts / information.

In this presentation I plan to present unique OSINT (Open Source Intelligence ) methods that will help in the Threat hunting process. Threat hunting is the process of proactively searching one’s organization network to find threats. My presentation will help IT managers and security professionals in implementing a threat hunting model for their organization and maximizing the efficiency of their model .

Presentation Outline (Optional):

- Clearly convey the progression of your talk.
- The outline should present the whole presentation.
- Include details for each section of your presentation.
- Include details for each section of your presentation.
- What do you plan to present in each section.
- (Optional) include references to other material that will be helpful in reviewing your submission.

Sample :
- Section 1 Title
- Problem / Overview
- Research Findings
- Analysis
- Solutions

What makes a good submission?

- Your submission presents your whole presentation and not just parts of it.
- If your topic requires a strong knowledge about a certain subject, take the time to explain the details. Don’t assume the review board will take the time to research your topic area in order for them to understand your submission.
- Details matter.
- Don’t skip on how you got to your conclusion/solution.
- Is your submission unique ?
- If so how is it unique ?
- Don’t submit submissions what explain other’s work.
- Explain what attendees will learn or can take away from your presentation.

- Are you proposing a new solution to a problem?
- What are 3 things the attendees can immediately implement in their work or research ?
- Make sure your presentation flows naturally.

-Don’t submit 190 slides and plan to jump around your presentation to present your research.